About Rhoda

Rhoda’s career as a ceramic artist began in 1978 in her hometown, Pretoria, where she has lived all her life. She began working with clay as a hobby while studying for a B Sc in Mathematics at the University of Pretoria. After qualifying as a medical doctor, she decided that ceramics was her all-consuming passion and has since devoted herself full-time to this art form.

Rhoda has won several prestigious awards for design, wheelwork, decoration and tableware at regional and national exhibitions held by the Association of Potters of Southern Africa, now Ceramics South Africa. In 1994 she was awarded first prize by the National Biannual exhibition of the Association for an unusual dinner service. Her work is primarily inspired by organic shapes and forms. Vibrant colour is used to reflect the beauty of nature and life.

Photo of Rhoda HenningRhoda aims to communicate joy and provide visual beauty to the viewer through her art. She expresses herself not only through pottery but also through painting which are both exhibited at annually held exhibitions.

She currently teaches ceramics and painting in her studio at her home in Brooklyn, Pretoria. However, Rhoda has retained her interest in the medical profession by assisting with surgery on a part-time basis. She is married with two daughters.